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pymaketool is an elegant and simple tool to generate a C project with GNU Make files.

Behold, the power of pymaketool

from pymakelib import module

def getSrcs(m: module.ModuleHandle):
   return m.getAllSrcsC()

def getIncs(m: module.ModuleHandle):
   return m.getAllIncsC()

Or in class mode:

from pymakelib import module

class mod(module.BasicCModule):

Load remote module:

from pymakelib import module

class ExtLib(module.ExternalModule):

   def getModulePath(self)->str:
      # Location of module
      return '/LIBS/module_lib/'

pymaketool allow to you create C projects with anything structure extremely easily. Use Eclipse IDE for open and edit your project, pymaketool generates the necessary files for this.


Structure of un pymaketool project